40 Workers Employed in the Medveđa Pellet Factory

14 March 2014, Medveđa

The factory for the production of pellet in Medveđa “Jablanica Eko”, the reconstruction of which was funded by the European Union and the Government of Switzerland through the European Partnership with Municipalities Programme EU PROGRES, has become operational, employing 40 workers.

The hall of the former “Termovent” factory has now become the production facility for processing wood into fuel, due to the reconstruction of 4,800 square meters of roof, 1,800 square meters of floor, installation of insulation and utility infrastructure development. EU PROGRES funded these works with 85,500 EUR and provided support in providing a model for the structure of the company and training for workers. The machines and other equipment for the production of pellet were donated by the Slovenian Centre for International Development and Cooperation.

According to the business plan, this factory will produce a ton of pellet each hour, the largest part of which will be exported to Italy, Greece and Slovenia. Sawmills and wood storages from this municipality will no longer need to pay for the transport of wood waste, which they will sell to the new factory.

“Medveđa is largely covered by forests, and until now our wood was mostly used by other municipalities as raw material. But now the workers from the new factory in Medveđa will make pellet for heating,” Mayor of Medveđa Slobodan Drašković, said.

“The launch of this factory is an excellent example of joint efforts between the municipality and the donors to initiate production and encourage economic development of the area. The chances for development are found in the projects that enable and attract investments”, EU PROGRES Deputy Manager Marko Vujačić, said.

The opening of the factory was also attended by Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić and Slovenian Ambassador Franc But.