Za mene je bogatstvo različitosti ..._en

For me, the wealth of diversity is...

15 December 2011, Leskovac

“... important, as we can accept ourselves and others and build good quality relationship”, Dalida from Prijepolje says. Danilo from Prokuplje adds that it is necessary for everyone to “respect diversity in order to be able to function with each other”, while Shemsije from Bujanovac claims that “diversity makes a country more interesting”. 

Radujemo se ivanjičkom Suncu_en

Looking forward to the Ivanjica Sun

29 June 2011, Ivanjica

Slavica is packing up her rucksack, as she will spend the weekend in the Centre Sun. “I really like going to the Sun; we learn, play and have fun there”. En route to the Centre, Slavica is greeted by a joyful friend, Cana: “Hooray! It’s Friday! Who else is coming along?” Slavica and Cana are beneficiaries of the educational-therapeutic Centre of the Cerebral Palsy Association Sun, which has started the programme “Breather” as a weekend support to children with disabilities and their families living in Ivanjica municipality.

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