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Plenty To Do for Furniture Makers

05 May 2012, Raška

Milivoje Sočanac is enrolled in the first generation of furniture makers, whose training was organised within the partnership programme by the Association for the Assistance to People with Special Needs and the Municipality of Raška, with support from the European Union and the Government of Switzerland through the European Partnership with Municipalities Programme – EU PROGRES. Due to this training, Milivoje will have a better chance to find a job and provide for himself.

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At citizens’ service

18 April 2012, Trgovište

Many researches done in the past years have shown that the citizens are not content with the quality of service provided by the local administrations. Most citizens’ complaints related to the long queues while at the same time, the municipal administrations’ employees pointed that they spent working hours explaining and directing clients to the appropriate department.

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Working the Fertile Fields Hand in Hand

12 April 2012, Bosilegrad

Almost every tomato in Lila Mitova's garden weighs at least half a kilo. Lila proudly shows us her seedlings and says that, one year ago, weed grew in place of the long neat aisles. She is the representative of one of the 25 Roma families that provided their families with seasonal jobs and food through a project of the NGO Optimist and the Bosilegrad Municipality, with the support of the European Union and the Government of Switzerland.

Učenici iz Kumareva se ponose svojom novom školom_en

Pupils from Kumarevo proud of their new school

05 April 2012, Leskovac

“Look at our new school building”, we hear children cheering from the yard of the Elementary School “Radoje Domanović” in Kumarevo. “We even have computers! Do you know it rained in our classrooms in the past and that we only had outdoor toilet”, giggling kids ask.

Please be informed that the European Partnership with Municipalities Programme – EU PROGRES was completed on 31 March 2014. If you would like to learn about the activities and results of the European PROGRES, which is a continuation of development support of the European Union and Government of Switzerland to the South East and South West Serbia, please visit www.europeanprogres.org